Assos Kefalonia The tiny village of Assos is romantic setting and perhaps the most beautiful location on the island of Kefalonia.

Sofia Studios & Apartments  are located in Assos village resort in the Northwest of Kefalonia island , where there are plenty of local amenities including shops, cafe-bars and restaurants, so you’ll find plenty activities to do, in order to idle away..

A perfect place for relaxing and unforgettable holidays.

Assos Resort

This unspoilt village is a must for photographers, with its pretty white washed and pastel houses surrounded by a picturesque stone-terraced hilly terrain.
Assos placed on the west coast of the peninsula on Kefalonia, sadly damaged by the 1953 earthquake, but beautifully restored with the help of a donation from Paris. The nearby ruined Venetian castle, dating from 1595, can still be seen.
A haven of tranquillity where you can find peace in an idyllic setting, for those you wishing to relax on a beach. Many alternative beaches are suitated near Assos village, such as Myrtos beach. Myrtos Bay has the most spectacular white sandy beach and is only 3 km to the south of Assos.


Assos Beach
There are two beaches with enchanting sea , sand and pebbles in Assos village. The main beach is bigger than the second one. Both of them are ideal for swimming, snorcelling, sun bathing and relaxation. The main beach has a beach bar with coffee, food & refreshments, additionally there is also a tradittional kefalonian cafe. The second beach is more quite for more personal and private relaxation.

Myrtos Beach
One of Europe’s most charming beaches is Myrtos beach. It is worldwide recognized as one of the 10 most captivating beaches in the world and indeed it is the most photographed one. At the point where the seashore starts, white pebbles create exceptional hues of blue and turquoise. Ideal for watersports, sunbathing and swimming.

Saint Jerusalem Beach
This beach is not very well known and remains uncommercialised. A romantic spot to watch the sun set. It has one tradditional tavern with delicious sea food.